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The VallDolina wines are made in the Can Tutusaus farmhouse, located in Olesa de Bonesvalls, a secluded village in the Alt Penedès region, in the province of Barcelona (Spain). The present farmhouse building dates back to 1729, but the ancient property itself can be traced to the mid-14th century, in the Middle Ages. In 1987, Joan Badell Badell, the heir of Can Tutusaus, began planting new vines and bottling his first wines, a task that was then taken over by his son in 1999. Since then, his son  Raimon Badell Rosés, who is an oenologist, converted the land and vineyards to organic farming following biodynamic directions.

The grapes harvested for pressing come exclusively from their own vineyards, located more than 260 meters above sea level, north of the Parc del Garraf. The beautiful but rugged landscape is distinguished by calcareous stone, pit caves and dolines (hence the name of VallDolina), but also by its natural vegetation of bushes and pines, dry-stone walls and shelters. The vineyards of Can Tutusaus are on sloped terraces and clay-calcareous soils; the climate is Mediterranean, tempered by the marinade, a current of marine air which is fresh and humid and runs through the entire Garraf massif. The pines and fig trees, thyme and rosemary, and even the bee hives boxes around the vineyards, all influence the final product, the magnificent terroir wines, which are uniquely Mediterranean. “We have old xarel·lo vines that have been around for 70 years that offer little production but are of excellent quality”, says Rai Badell.


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